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2 years ago

this is the real plan....???

G......this is the real plan of mas maging mabait ako sa ibang tao.....if this is your real plan how i will work it....??

A question G..?? sino or to whom i will pass all my problem....if i can't hadell it..if this is your real will sour to me everythimg that i need to fix all of this problemlaugh

2 years ago


some people ay sinungaling.......di mapag kakatiwalaan kung ano ano ang sinasabi bilang back fiht sayo....

they dindt know what they are saying to you.....ihate them with all my heart in everything....

i dont like any pieces of them anymore.......i dont who is the true friend in this world i dont know i i i dont know who is will be...a pagkakatiwalaan ko dito sa mundo.....pati ang maliliit sa kanila I HATE THEM ALL........SIP SIP silang lahat pag may kailangan i hate them ihate them.......angrybroken heart

2 years ago

so angry..

so many people saying things about the other people. but they dindt know that...that person is much gooder than they"re DO

why there so mean to others they dindt realise what would happen if they did this kind of bully to others.....

their parents is thief,lyier like them.....and the most biggest 

their parents did not teach them a good lesson,good manner and how to be KIND,and how to be courage.....i dont know why....angry

2 years ago


every person have be happy to smile......and that day it will come to my life after the sadness....

soon i will be happy in everything....????

yesterday that dayim so verry chating with my sis and my nanay also were eating bonding....and also that yesterday ivbeen reaseave a good news from my tatay...and that a chapter begins again in my life to be happy.....

and i know everything is working by the grace of GOD G........

all things happen for a good reason and this is happening by the good reason....

i know so.....smiley

2 years ago

i want like that

people usally have a friend,best friend,plastic friend.......?????smiley

but me all i want is to have a robot best sure that a robot best fried can make people happy and they know if you hurt or not f you are sad or happy thats the reason why robot is build by there mind or insert thats all.......


thank you for reading......

2 years ago

kind person

some person puwede mong paki usapan....some are not and my tatay is a kind person...also my nanay they always good to others when theire live....

lets dwell in the pass right now.....

mabubuting tao ang parents ko..??

i dont have any idea..why they facing problem like this in life i dont know why......maybe thats an order or what just maybe.....sana hindi nalang sila nag kakaroon ng ganitong problema sa life kasi they re good naman why this will happen to them....i dont know even a single sip i dont know....i dont know HOW or WHAT WHEN i dont know everything i dont know....????blush

2 years ago

why its always me

Always nalang ako ano ba ang kulang ko ginagawa ko naman lahat ng gusto niyo bakit siya nalang lagi ako ako a g nag kakaroon nang can i be free from them there have no rights to treat me like that... I hate them all since all theire lyers haters....!